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E14 Bakelite Lampholders
E27 Bakelite Lampholders
E14 Plastic Lampholders
E27 Plastic Lampholders
E14 E27 Metal Lampholders
Plastic Locked Lampholders
E12 E26 Plastic Lamp holders
E12 E26 Bakelite Lamp holders
E26 Switched Lampholders
B15 B22 Lamp holders
Conversion lampholders
Aging test lamp socket
In Line Cord Switch
UK BS Electric Plug
Small Lighting Accessories
Lamp Power Cord Sets
Pendant Lighting Components
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Company Profile
China Jonshine Lighting Accessories Factory,One of the leading lighting accessories manufacturers in Guangdong,P.R.China.
We mainly produce E14 E27 CE ENEC  Europe standard Lampholders,E12 E26 Lamp sockets,B15 B22 BS SAA Lamp holders.CE ENEC VDE SAA In Line Switches,Cord Switches,Foot Pedal Switches.Plug Lampholder Cord Sets, Power Cord with Lampholder Switch,Lighting Accessories.
Mor than 300 products,We can supply the clients with the full and variety of choices,Most of them are exported to more than 20 countries from Europe,Latin America,North America,Southeast Asia.
Since more than 10 years ago,China Jonshine has been trying their  best  for the development and the use of  the lighting accessories .From when the fist  product was made by  Jonshine to now , Jonshine  has  become  the reliable partner of the lighting and elctric enterprise.
From  only the  lampholder  series at  the initial stage , the  product  range  of Jonshine has delvoped to a variety of ranges including Lamp holders , In line  switches,Foot pedal switches,lampholder cord sets... More details>>
Mr16 lamp socket|Mr16-5001
Gu10 lampholder|gu10-5001
Lampholder Cord Set
Lamp cord set  CS-1501
In line switch S303
E27 Switched Lampholder
Plastic lampholder E27-103S
News Center
 Lighting Exhibition—Welcome to visit our booth in 16th Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition.
Welcome to visit our booth in 16th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibiti..   more>>
·Lighting Exhibition—Welcome to visit our booth in 16th Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition. [2011-5-14]
·How to differentiate the lampholder Series of E14 E27 E12 E26 B15 B22 ? [2010-10-8]
·In line switch,in line cord switch,lamp cord switch,different varieties display [2010-10-1]
·E27 lampholder Baufassung, Baustellenfassung-Hot products recommended [2010-7-13]
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China Jonshine Lighting Accessories Factory 
Main business:Plastic Lampholders,Bakelite lampholders,Metal Lampholders,Lampholder Cord Sets,Lighting accessories
In line switch,power cord switches,in line cord switch,inline cord switches,foot pedal switch,power cord set,lampholder cord sets,Lighting components
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